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Less than most.  See out pricing pages.

No, we don’t have to. We offer industry-leading automation with Installatron.  Found in your control panel you can install in a few clicka all by your self.

It’s your data.  Not ours.  We don’t own it you do.  We offer easy backup options for you in the control panel.

No, you can quit at any time.

Sure we do…  Just log a support request on your client portal

We don’t currently offer a Migration service.  We do have fee-based Tech services if you are in need.

YES, Over 400 to choose from see our Domains page.

Yes, email comes with each Shared plan.

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We Love Our Jobs And That Makes All The Difference

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You know we are kidding, right?  Everything is working well here.

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This support at Delain Hosting.  We are here to help not be in a photoshoot.

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Now there is some truth to this one. It is all one man’s fault and his name is Ray.

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Maybe you are thinking this was your current hosting company??

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